Dynamic DNS with Google Domains

Found a super simple way to keep my Ubiquiti cloud controller accessible from anywhere by using DDclient, Google Domains, and a little configuration.

It’s fairly straight forward. From the Google Domains console, create a synthetic record for the subdomain of type “Dynamic DNS”.

Courtesy of  Google

Grab the credentials from the record. Then add them to the config file.

Courtesy of Google


Install DDclient and edit the configuration file, it can be found at /etc/ddclient.conf

DDClient does have a wizard that it runs after install, but I found that it was very picky and didn’t work extremely well with the google domain info.

I restarted the client when I finished the with the configuration. For good measure and then manually invoked the client just for good measure. Check back in the console and to see if the IP address got passed along, if it did, then congrats, you are all set. If not, Google’s official documentation can be found here, I probably flew by some little detail somewhere. Enjoy.



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