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400GB Micro SD Cards

You read that correctly. 400GB Micro SD cards not only exist, but they are within consumers reach price-wise. It’s crazy to think how much data fits into something smaller than my thumbnail. I buy a ton of these things for all of my Raspberry Pi projects. I think the first one I picked up was 16 GB for at least $65. I don’t have a use for the 400 GB one (at least not with any of my current projects) but its good to hear the Moore’s law isn’t dead yet and that this will help drive down the costs of some of the more practical micro SD cards. Link to the product:


Time seems to have gotten away from me these past few weeks. Between travel, work, and projects, I’ve had little time to document what I’ve been up to. But enough excuses, I hope to provide a bunch of smaller updates to my various projects and also introduce some demos for my some of my digital projects in the coming weeks. Most of my digital work has been in the area of emergency services support. So I will have to find some bogus data to pump through the system for the purposes of demonstrating what everything does.

Until then, you will just have to wait and wonder.

Tied up on software development

The first 90% of the work takes 90% of the time, the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time.

I have a few PHP projects that I hope to document and get on here soon. Also have a bunch of hardware coming in from Amazon over the next few weeks that I need for a bunch of my home project. RTL-SDR and a few more Raspberry Pis and whatnot. I’ll probably end up buying another SDR kit today before the first one even arrives since I have so many projects that will be using this hardware. One of the projects is to hopefully pick up P25, decode it, and play it through some speakers for a super cheap digital scanner replacement. If this projects succeeds, I will end up making a half dozen of them.

More to come..

Apache is a Pain

Whelp after a few wasted hours reinstalling Apache and PHP twice, checking and rechecking configs, I finally got Mod_rewrite working. Turns out the apache2.conf file didn’t have the correct path for where my web files were actually staged. The virtual host entry was in pointed to the correct spot so everything was being hosted and appeared to be working, but as a result of the apache2.conf issue, the .htaccess file wasn’t being utilized and thus mod_rewrite was failing. All is right in the world now, so off to the next project.

Hello world!

I’ve been meaning to create a space to collect documentation on some of my projects. I thought some of them could possibly be interesting to others, so I created this page to start collecting and sharing them.

I should put a disclaimer out there right now: I am not an engineer, lawyer, expert, etc in any of the topics I’ll be posting about. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of my employers. All code and projects are posted as-is for entertainment purposes. I accept no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred from replicating anything found on here. Please consult your own doctor/lawyer/engineer/accountant/etc as I am none of the aforementioned positions.

With that, enjoy!