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My Network Rack

Photo and links coming soon.


Currently I have the following in my network Rack (9U):

24 port Patch Panel

Arris Cable Modem

Ubiquiti Cloud Key

Ubiquiti 24 Port Switch

Ubiquiti Security Gateway

Lorex NVR



I also have one UniFi AC Lite AP in the ceiling. I plan to replace it with either the UniFi AP HD or UniFi AP AC PRO, but I just haven’t found the need for it yet. The lite covers my whole house with the 2.4G radio and covers my room and most of the areas I work in with the 5G radio. There are a few dumb gigabit switches scattered around the house as needed… such as my drawer filled with Raspberry Pis that needs its own.

I’ll get a bit more in-depth about how my network is structure in the future. I’m always in the process of adding onto it and trying different things.